Your Instagram biography is a great way to bring your Instagram account to life. It is one of the first things Instagram users and potential client see. Sometimes someone can see one of your photos before they visit your profile. But if they will follow you, they will look at your biography. So, what impression do you make on them?

If you want to revamp your Instagram biography, here are some suggestions to consider.


Your name should be just your name. Whether it’s your business name or your real name, the name people see on Instagram must be the one they know. Avoid the use of funny spelling, strange words, needless abbreviations. Or other versions of your name. It’s your business and your brand. Make this section representative of this.

Your name and username are the only fields that Instagram considers in search queries. Therefore, if you want to search for a keyword or a niche, including it in your name will increase your chances of being found.


You render a service or sell a product that set you apart from others. Talk about your brand in your biography. Explain what makes you unique. Explain what you can do and have to offer. Explain what you share on Instagram. Tell users what you do and who you are.


Instagram is fun. Your biography should reflect that funny side of your personality. Do not make your bio too formal. You can include emojis or symbols in your bio. Use humor Ask a rhetorical question.

Whatever you decide on yourself or your brand, make it interesting. It attracts people. Make them want to follow you. This is your selling point, so do good.


Keywords are not used on Instagram in the same way as on other sites. Hashtags work well and can be searched with ease on Instagram. But the hashtags of your biography cannot be clicked and will not appear in the search results. It is advisable to avoid them in your bio unless you have a personalized hashtag for which you are known for.

Although keywords do not necessarily help you regarding Instagram searches, you should still use them to connect with other users. Keyword stuffing is not recommended because it has no effects or value. But using keywords to target your audience and niche will help users to understand better who you are and what you have to offer.


Instagram is different from all other social networking sites. It’s a diverse audience and for a different purpose. Therefore, your Instagram biography should not be precisely the same as your profile biography on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,  or Google+. Do not copy and paste your biographies from other platforms on to your Instagram Bio. Your Instagram biography may have some similarities and maintain the content of the brand you use on other sites, but this should not be a direct replica.


Your Biography section is the only place on Instagram where you can place a clickable link. Take full advantage of this and include your website’s address, blog page, landing page or any other link in this section. Including a link in your biography also shows users that you are a credible company. It encourages people to follow you, so give it a shot!.