The use of social media networks is steadily increasing across all demographics, social media marketing has become a useful strategy for businesses. But as consumer preferences change, it can be difficult to track the best platforms for your industry, and even more difficult to manage different strategies for everyone.

The first things to do when creating your Instagram account is to set up your profile and, more specifically, to write your Instagram Bio.

Everyone that visit your account is a potential new follower, and it will only take a second or two to decide if your account is interesting and beneficial enough for them to follow.

Most people quickly check profile picture, read your Instagram biography, then scan some of the latest publications before deciding whether to follow you or not.

However, there are some reason why Instagram Bio is so important and why you must leverage on it.


Since branded content is more famous for engagement, one of the critical benefits of Instagram is that it can help you build trust. People buy from other people, and Instagram bio can help you create that emotional connection with your audience. The good thing here is that it allows you to share information about yourself or brand formally, informally and casually. Therefore, it gives a personal feeling to your business.


Although you can not add clickable links to every Instagram update, you post, But your Instagram bio give you an edge to doing that. Instagram can be a powerful traffic source. Also, with the highest levels of participation than Facebook and Twitter, creating and maintaining a strong bio could be very beneficial to the visibility of your site.


The competition on Instagram is a lot less when compared to Twitter or Facebook. A survey by An American Express showed that only 2% of small businesses are currently adopting Instagram, which gives them an edge over their competitors. Also, companies that incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategy are more likely to reach their target audience more easily than with Facebook or Twitter, where the competition is much higher.


The Instagram bio gives you an opportunity to reach and communicate with your target audience. People get an instant idea of the nature of your business and services and provide the user an opportunity to reach out to you directly through your website link and call to action option.


The best thing about Instagram is free advertising. You can expose your products and services in action, which generates high visibility. This gives you the opportunity to show more of what you have to offer.


With Instagram bio, it’s easy and affordable to share and take advantage of the professional profile to promote your products and services. With millions of active users in every possible niche, using Instagram for business is one of the best ways to find potential customers who turn into sales.